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Borris-Ileigh GAA
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Borris-Ileigh V Drom & Inch 13/04/2014

The 2014 campaign for Borris-Ileigh and Drom & Inch kicked off last Sunday afternoon in Semple Stadium. Drom took to the field as favourites for this clash despite going out at an earlier stage than Borris the year previous. A clash between these two sides has always been a close and tense affair in recent years and with early bragging rights on offer Sunday’s serving was to be no different. Drom began the half playing into the Town End terrace, with a very favourable win behind their backs. County star Seamus Callinan opened the scoring for the mid men, which was soon followed by a trio of points from Johnny Ryan, two of them coming from play. Borris kept in touch with a Conor Kenny point, while David O Connor pointed two frees after Dan McCormack had twice been fouled by the Drom defence. Drom would stretch their lead over the middle period of the half which saw no Borris score. Callinan raised two white flags from frees either side of a Kevin Butler effort that would leave the score at 0-8 to 0-3 at the 20 minute mark. The game was to take a noticeable change on the 21st minute. As Drom struggled to clear a Borris attack, Seamus Callinan found himself knocked to the ground by a frontal tackle from Paddy Stapleton. As the resulting melee died down, Stapleton was shown a red card and Borris were down to 14 men. It was a card deemed harsh by some and correct by others but either way the decision stood. With the sending off Brendan Maher was given the task of marshalling Drom’s main attacker. The dismissal of club captain Stapleton seemed to galvanise the  Borris men as they went to seek scores. Drom would continue to pop over scores but it was Borris who began to look like they had found the form that they had been lacking for the earlier part of the game. One of the scores of the game late on in the half. Thomas Fahy broke out of defence and gave a neat pass to Dan McCormack, with options running both left and right he elected to give the pass to David O Connor who coolly slotted over the bar from under the stand. Another Seamus Callinan free and a Sean McCormack point would bring the half to a close to leave 7 points the difference with Drom leading by 0-12 to 0-5.

With the resumption of the game after the break, the momentum had clearly turned in favour of the Borris men. The strong breeze that aided Drom in the first half now began to throw them off kilter as they attempted to take it on for the second half. Dan McCormack was again instrumental to the Borris attack. Each time he looked in possession he looked to cause serious danger and duly won another 3 frees which were calmly put over by David O Connor who also added a 65. David Collins added his 1st point for Drom to try and quell the Borris attack but again Borris went to inflict damage. A fine ball from David O Connor into space saw Conor Kenny take on the Drom defence to leave a 1 on 1 with Damien Young which was finished to the back of the net. The goal was a huge lift to Borris and the 5 pointed free from David O Connor was the 7 point lead that Drom held at half time wiped out. Kevin Butler added his 2nd point of the day straight away to regain the lead but a fantastic sideline cut from 30 yards out from Brendan Maher again drew the game level. A now almost nonexistent Callinan added another free before a superb Jody Harkin effort from long range kept the Borris crowd believing a victory was there to be had. Unfortunately it was from here that the Borris challenge ended. A rebounded effort from a good Jack Bourke save saw Drom substitute Thomas Nolan goal to take the wind out of the Borris sails. It would prove to be the undoing of Borris and another Kevin Butler point and Callinan free would leave the final tally at Drom 1-18 Borris 1-13.

Team: Jack Bourke, Martin Treacy, Philip Maher, Sean Maher, Thomas Fahy, Paddy Stapleton, Martin Maher, Seamus Burke, Keith Ryan, Sean McCormack(0-1), Dan McCormack, Matthew Stapleton, Conor Kenny(1-2), David O Connor(0-8, 6f, 1 65), Brendan Maher(0-1, 1 SL)

Subs: Rory Kinane for Thomas Fahy(ht), Jody Harkin(0-1) for Seamus Burke(ht). Thomas Fahy for Rory Kinane(44th min). Jack Hogan for Matthew Stapleton(41st min)